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News & CV19


  • As virus figures are on the rise, many of our generous volunteers have confirmed that should anyone in Little Wenlock or New Works need to self isolate, for any reason, they are happy to help.
    So if you need shopping, prescriptions, someone to chat to on the phone, walk your dog or post a letter etc please call Hilary Betts 505547 or Sue Parsons 505888’


  • The art exhibition scheduled for 31st October has reluctantly been cancelled given the prevailing guidelines for Covid-19.


  • The Village Hall AGM took place on Tuesday 22nd September, 7.30pm.


  • Lunch Club has restarted.


  • The Food Bank is returning to the Church.
  • The Church will be open this Saturday 5th September when there is to be a visit from the Bishop, then open for Sunday services, starting from Sunday 20th September (Harvest Festival).


  • Indoor bowls has restarted.
  • Please see the Press Release from Shropshire, Telford & Shropshire STP regarding COVID-19 testing for those with symptoms and essential workers.
  • Little Wenlock Village Hall played an active role in the NHS fight against Covid-19, being the centre for Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust’s county-wide training. Over 300 nurses were trained in Covid-19 care, enabling them to be deployed to provide increasingly-essential health service support across the county.
Little Wenlock Village Hall Coronavirus

To help anyone who may need a hand getting through Coronavirus we have got together to set up an informal support group of volunteers able to have a chat on the phone, do food shopping, collect medications, post mail, walk dogs, etc.

A number of people have already offered their services and we would welcome anyone else who feels able to lend-a-hand. The more the merrier. Please let one of our main coordinators know as soon as you can:

Little Wenlock: Sue Parsons (505888), Hilary Betts (505547), George Chancellor (507675
New Works: Ray Drakeley (503184)

- or email [email protected]. Then, should you ever need anything while being ‘confined to barracks’, all you have to do is let one of the coordinators know and they will arrange a volunteer to help you out.

Once we get things going, you should also be able to find any useful updates here.

By pulling together we can all look after each other in these challenging times.

PS:  Our friendly postman has requested anyone expecting mail that will not go through the letter box to leave a note outside so he knows where to put it. Either that or a suitable box into which to place it.

- Little Wenlock Village Hall Committee
- Little Wenlock Parish Council
- St. Lawrence Parochial Church Council


Following Government advice, Flicks cancelled until further notice
The following clubs are closed as of this week:
TDARs (radio club), WI, Whist.