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100 Club

The Hundred Club is a monthly draw (run by the Hall) with 50% of income going to the hall and 50% to prizes.
It has been a feature of Village Hall life for many years now having first run in January 1996. It has had a remarkably consistent membership during those 20+ years, during which the club has raised £12,217 for the Hall and paid out 828 prizes totalling £12,264! Membership per month in 2018 ranged from 80 to 90 members. This is a very pleasing achievement which has given a steady contribution to the Hall’s ongoing fund raising efforts over the years whilst providing a bit of fun for the participants!

There are always opportunities for more members to join and consolidate  further the high level of village involvement. Entry to the draw is £6 for one number for 6 months or £12 for 12 months.

 Let’s see if we can repeat more months with “100” entries this year. After  all, that’s what our name says! The draw is made at the Over 60’s Lunch Club in the Hall each month.

February Draw

Place No Winner Winnings



Ruben Pinheiro




Ollie Pickering




Mary Marcham


Congratulations to all

A “Big Thank You” once more to all who have helped and contributed over the years. We hope you’ve enjoyed your winnings or at least had a bit of fun!

For further information, please contact Roy Parsons, Treasurer 01952 505888

Little Wenlock Village Hall 100 Club