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Electric Car Day

In April 2017 we obtained a grant to upgrade our lights to LED.  In return we organised an electric car day. 

We got a range of local dealers to send their electric cars with a salesman to explain the advantages of this new technology for cars.
We also got 2 Tesla cars, who gave interested people a drive around the Wrekin during the day.   Visitors were invited to bring their own EVs to give a “real world” view as users.  It was soon clear that the best sale people were the users! 

Highlight of the day was Roy cooking burgers and sausages on our electric “Zero Carbon BBQ”.  The BBQ was powered by electricity and as the sun was shining the rooftop solar panels were generating plenty of power.  So Roy was able to cook burgers for everyone without using any power from the mains.  We watched the meter and it didn’t move at all!!